Breakfast in Bangkok

January 31, 2011

I visited Thailand last November on a scholarship to teach English in Thailand. With one night in Bangkok, I decided to make the most of the following morning to take some photos before travelling up to Phitsanulok. I love getting up in the early morning to walk around cities.


The hotel was in the heart of Chinatown, a wonderful location to stay – very close to all the main attractions of Bangkok. I stayed at the Shanghai Mansion, a beautiful boutique hotel filled with chinoiserie. The atrium was filled with a collection of lanterns, creating a vertical effect as you look down to the indoors pond. It’s immediately become one of my favourite hotels. Outside the hotel is the busy Chinatown street, full of a conglomerate of signs.


At around 8am the streets are empty, but for anyone who knows Bangkok traffic that never lasts for long! Imagine being able to cross the road without worrying about getting hit. The doorman thought I was a bit strange for wanting to go for a walk, instead wanting to hire me a taxi.


I walked through the Chinatown markets while they were being set up. If you are travelling through Bangkok the markets are a landmark in their own right, spanning across numerous alleyways with barely any space to walk through. Claustrophobes beware! A myriad of food  choices included this beautifully juicy pomegranate juice and a variety of dried products including mushrooms, shrimp and squid.

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