Bulgogi Birthday

June 22, 2012

Justin: It’s my birthday and I’ll cry and throw a unique Korean party if I want to… As we live a little out of the city and my birthday fell on a Tuesday we decided to do a couple of celebrations last weekend.

To keep me happy one must keep this monkey well fed and on movies and steak. On Saturday, Kat did the killer combo. We went to Outback Steakhouse, an incredibly dingy Australian themed franchise in South Korea that’s surprisingly excellent. The service is really attentive and wonderful and the food is ace.

Kat: Could you believe it actually tastes like Australian food? Or maybe I’ve just been travelling for too long.

Justin: So after getting my fill of Rockhampton Ribeye, it was on to Prometheus. A film with obvious flaws… the script is definitely problematic, all these aside I found myself glued to the screen, something about the environment I found compelling. I really appreciated that subtle way of building tension Scott uses here, like in the original film Alien.

Kat: Subtle? Umm what about that giant freakin face hugger?

Justin: Now to the Sunday celebration. Yay me. We went out with our church family, Jeon Ha, to Gogi King.  In South Korea gogi means meat and in this case king means all you can gorge your medieval pot belly on. This was my sort of place.

Kat: Bulgogi is a typically South Korean meal. Picture copious amounts of pork and beef, fried on hot plates over coals at your table. Add to this a zillion side dishes, including lettuce, raw garlic, onion and of course, Kimchi, the ubiquitous Korean food. For the uninitiated, Kimchi is super-fermented cabbage covered in chilli and garlic sauce. It’s so stinky most of our students have separate kimchi fridges in their houses. It is THE South Korean food, served at every meal. Tastes pretty slimy if you ask me. Of course, Justin having his mother’s love for sauerkraut I’m not surprised he likes kimchi now.

Justin: Since coming to South Korea an unbelievable thing has occurred I’ve become Kimchi addicted. Yes I never thought that would happen in a million years. I generally hate spicy things and I thought Kimchi was awfully gross when I first had it. It just happened one day I ate it and I thought no this isn’t bad in fact this tastes incredible, I want more, I need more and I must have more. At Gogi King my kimchi addiction went up one notch, I had grilled kimchi. It’s kimchi but grilled and even tastier.

So I managed to down roughly nine plates of pure BBQ awesomeness. I must return to Gogi King, the sooner the better. I miss all you can eat specials especially when it consists of meat, more meat and even more delicious blood dripping MEAT. I am the meat king and this is my birthday. Feed me and I am happy. Show me movies and I am happy. I am the Korean King of meaty movies.

Kat: And you thought Justin was a sophisticated city boy. Turns out he’s a caveman. Doesn’t take much to make this monkey happy. At the end the staff of the restaurant wanted to take a photo with us… maybe to prove these waygooks did go to Gogi King. Who knows why? It’s Korea. Monkeys out.



Ooh! I miss that bulgogi!

Nice to see you are getting on board the chilli wagon demme! Its only so long you can supress your hot Hungarian roots!
Hope you guys are well, love J x

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