I’ve finally had some time to put together my videos from Durmitor National Park in Montenegro. And I thought, why not launch a YouTube channel to share it with you? Watch the video and let me know what you think. Durmitor National Park is absolutely spectacular.

Video Transcript

I’ve been to a lot of national parks in search of stunning landscape photography locations, but nothing has impressed me quite like Durmitor National Park. Located in Northern Montenegro, the ever changing microclimates turn between storms and sunshine, creating these incredible sunsets.

The Black Lake shimmers with the reflection of Durmitor’s tallest mountain, Bobotov Kuk. Durmitor National Park boasts some of the best hiking trails and natural views in the Balkans. One of the highlights of my trip was hiking through fields of flowers to Jablan Jezero, a beautiful lake nestled in between dramatic cliff faces.

If you love nature, you don’t want to miss Durmitor National Park. I can’t wait to go back there again.

If you’re planning a trip to Durmitor National Park, make sure you check out my hiking guide.

How I shot the video

The video was shot all on a GoPro Hero 6. While I’ve shot on much bigger cameras, I love how easy it is to whip out the GoPro and take some footage, especially when you’re hiking. The shot of hiking was taken with a gimbal, which makes the footage really smooth.

Licensing footage of Durmitor National Park

All my footage is available to license through Getty Images. If you’d like to license it, shoot me an email to and I can help you out.

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