Driving out through the grey outskirts of Melbourne, I knew I needed a day out in nature. Nothing calms the stressful mind than being present in the green of the bush, without mobile phone reception.

Within 90 minutes of Melbourne, the Yarra Valley is an ideal day trip. One popular driving route is the loop which goes through Lilydale, Healesville through the Yarra Ranges National Park, then down to Warburton and back to Melbourne. There are plenty of great cafes and stops along the way, whether you want to do the loop in one day or three, it’s a morish trip full of natural and nourishing beauty.

Chandon Winery

The first stop of the day was the Chandon winery, located with a stunning view of the nearby mountains. My husband sampled a series of wines, including their well known sparkling wine. Personally, I am not a big drinker and encourage you to drink responsibly when you’re travelling. 

The location was enough for me, with a light and airy tasting room decorated with colourful flowers. It would be a lovely spot to while away the afternoon with a book and a cheese platter.

Yarra Ranges National Park

We continued our journey through the Yarra Ranges National Park, where enormous trees dwarf the road below. These trees are Victoria’s oldest trees, their trunks moist and green with the rain from the morning. Despite my second drive through the forest in a month, I’m yet to get a satisfactory photo of this spectacular forest. Driving through you can’t help but stare in wonder at their age and beauty.

Stevenson’s Falls

In Marysville, the local and popular bakery provided a light lunch, before driving to Stevenson’s Falls. With only a 500m walk to the falls, the easy and well maintained track leads through the bush to the falls which provide the local water supply. The water is harnessed to provide energy through a turbine, which lights the falls at night. Water is at the heart of the Yarra Ranges; the upper Yarra Reservoir provides much of Melbourne’s water supply. So keeping these places pristine is an important part of caring for the environment, because we rely on them so much!

Cora Lynn Falls

Heading south towards Warburton on a windy road (don’t eat too much before undertaking it!), I stopped for a quick hike through the bush to see another, smaller waterfall – Cora Lynn Falls. Hidden at the end of a well trampled path are these falls, clasped between ferns.

I’m always awed by the natural beauty in Australia. With the Yarra Ranges National Park only 90 minues away from the city, it’s easy to get away to the Yarra Valley.

What’s your favourite place to visit in the Yarra Valley?


Great post Kat. I grew up just the other side of the mountain.

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