The You Yangs Regional Park rises starkly out of flat farmland. It’s a massive rock formation, Flinders Peak appearing in the distance on the way from Melbourne to Geelong. The You Yangs offers some of the best peak views in Melbourne, and the hike to the top is not difficult for people with a good level of fitness.

I’ve been in training for the Overland Track for the last two months, and the You Yangs was my last brief training hike before heading off to Tassie next week. It seems these training hikes have had a steps theme – gotta practice those uphill climbs for Cradle Mountain.

Flinders Peak

You Yangs Regional Park

The hike up Flinders Peak is deceptive, because you drive up the majority of the mountain before getting to the car park. It’s approximately a 3.5 km round trip. The hike is well signposted and the paths are wide, making it a great training area for runners and walkers alike. Plus the occasional kidlet dragged along by parental figures. There are several places to stop along the way including this incredible lookout. The path winds its way around the mountain, through gums straggling sideways from wind exposure.

At the top is a marker showing all the local mountains. It’s a perfect place to stop and sit for a while and watch the world go by.

You Yangs Regional Park

The Big Rock

From the carpark of Flinders Peak, I walked along a firetrail to go see the Big Rock. It’s exactly what it says on the map: a really big rock. The wind was pretty strong by the time I got there, so I hiked up the top, took a couple of snaps and huddled back down. Didn’t want to lose my hat! Alternatively you can hike to the Big Rock from the entrance car park.

People sitting at You Yangs Regional Park

The You Yangs is probably my favourite Melbourne National Park so far, alongside Upper Yarra Reservoir. For more details on the hikes visit Parks Victoria.

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What’s your favourite local hike?

Jo ~ Beyond the Lamp Post

As a New Zealander I’ve been spoiled for beautiful landscapes, but I always think that there is something really spectacular about Australia. It’s a different kind of beauty than home, but really unique and stunning nonetheless. Good luck for Tassie!

Australia has been on my bucket list for the whole of my existence – I’ll have to add You Yangs to the mix. Gorgeous photos too!

Gorgeous photos, Kat. Makes me want to come to Australia for some hiking while the kids catch some surf.

As a Canadian (who grew up with some Aussies as my best friends…or mates, I should say) I always get a chuckle out of the names of places down-under.

Thanks Karen, I’m yet to go to Canada but my cousin lived there for some time and loved it! You should definitely come to Australia for the wilderness and surf.

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