On the ferries: Cockatoo Island and Manly

January 17, 2011

I love travelling on the water, especially on Sydney Harbour. I went out to Cockatoo Island and Manly for the day to visit my parents over new years. They were camping on the Island to watch the fireworks (they’re quite adventurous!).


I had a brief stop at Cockatoo Island before getting on the ferry to go to Manly. The sign above the entrance is pure vintage typography. I love the way the shadows fall on the brick wall.


At one end of the island are old smoke stacks rising up above the bay. The dry grass nestles in cracks and crannies in the rocks. The whole island is heritage listed.


We caught the ferry to Manly, and got a great spot on the prow of the boat. A pity all the tourists thought this was a great idea too, and crowded onto the prow, so I practically had someone sitting on top of me. The Manly Wharf has beautiful art deco signage, with bold white letters.


Onto Manly, the eponymous spot for sunbaking brits and ultra tanned surfers. These four beach towels caught my eye for composition.


I finally learnt how to use my circular polarising filter properly. Can you believe I have been meandering along without turning the thing around towards the light? Of course these things don’t have instruction manuals. But one minute with my Dad and he’d pointed it out. After feeling like such a dope, it actually made such a visible difference to the photos. I’d been wondering why it only worked sometimes. Ahh… I’m not to proud to learn. Now for neutral density!

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